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Irish heritage Dear Peg, I love listening to your music, you have such a beautiful and haunting voice. When my son Kyle had to do a project about the Irish coming to America I thought of you and checked your page for information. We had to investigate the different cultures that came through Ellis Island and at the end of it all we had a big class party. Everyone made some food representing various cultures and the kids had a lot of fun trying everything and Kyle and I made boxty. This is the article with that recipe. Here I think it would make a great addition to your page because it has a lot of good ideas about get togethers and irish traditions. Thank you for your beautiful music. You are so talented and very inspiring. Respectfully, Destiny Peg performed and residents enjoyed her repertoire, and voice. Thank you and very much Peg for entertaining them the best Irish way possible. Senior Living Center, Rochester, NY 2012 It was a lovely time, and everyone enjoyed her very much. Thanks! Senior Living Center, Brighton NY 2012
Hi Peg, If you and Sharon didn't consistently provide us with: excellent songs sung from the heart, a variety of tunes that changes each gig and always a chance to make requests, technically excellent guitar and violin playing that varies with each performance and a real interaction with the crowd that isn't canned nor scripted nor condescending: then we wouldn't be sitting there. You and Sharon and Kevin when he's with you, serve up a novel and spirited evening's worth of tunes, banter, and instrumental music each time we come to see you. When I go to a gig to see you and Sharon, I feel like a part of the action and that my being there matters to you and to Sharon. There is a sense of intimacy that is missing with most other performers. That's why I drag myself to a Peg and Sharon gig I know I'll feel better when I leave. Thanks again, Peg (and you, too, Sharon). Take care, A Fan
June 28, 2006 Dear Peg, The Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to express appreciation for your time entertaining at the Business with a Canadian Twist. Your music and lyrics were a perfect fit for the event. Your talents are an asset to the Cape Vincent community. Thanks again, Cape Vincent Chamber of commerce Board of Directors
Dear Ms Dolan: The CD arrive today in fine shape, and is all I hoped it would be. I was browsing for "The Patriots Game" and found you and your site and more, all to my great delight. Your singing is a rare gem: clear confident and melodic. I hear in you some of what I remember of the fabled Ronnie Gilbert. I wonder if you too sing with head held high and a smile on your face. I will browse around the "store" and site knowing this will not be the last disc I buy from you. Originally in another world in a far off time I was born and lived in Syracuse, NY, from which I now hear Bluegrass Jamboree. - - - and this from a guy who loves his Mahler Mozart Ives and Copland. sinc. irwin moss, LA
hello, Peg: I've just recently discovered your lovely voice and music (give thanks to I bought the "Home" album and can't tell you how much I loved every song instantly. Each one feels like a song I am hearing sung again by an old friend. The entire collection gives me the sense of familiarity and delight that one gets when chancing upon a favorite voice or tune. I sort of relate to this music like I do to the memory of my mother's singing long ago when I was a child. It evokes many of the same feelings in me that her singing did: peace, security, joy, and the feeling that life is truly a gentle, abiding river of song. I'm in San Francisco. If you ever get out here to perform, I would be overjoyed to come and listen. sincerely, kass mcmahon-kelly
Dear Peg,I know you don't know us, but since your music has brought us such great joy, I decided to write you a little letter. Tonight we are sitting onour sail boat in the Bahamas having supper and listening to your wonderful music, as we do many nights. We first heard you on our trip from Ottawa to Bahamas. We left Kingston and sailed to Cape Vincent 25 August 1998 to clear customs. We were sitting on our boat at the end of the dock feeling real lonesome, since we just said goodbye to our famil yin Kingston, when we heard this beautiful music at the other end of the dock. At first we thought it was a tape, we went to check it out and there you were playing for some function. We enjoyed your concert very much, bought your tapes that we played all the way to the Bahamas. We are now on our way home to Ottawa. Will leave Bahamas on 1 May and are wondering when you have concerts and where. We would travel far to see you. I would appreciate it if you could send me a schedule, if possible. If not, that is OK. I wish you all the best! Rod & Anne Glouster, Ontario, Canada

 Dear Peg,  On behalf of the "Time Out For Women" 
I want to thank you for a wonderful  hour of music 
you presented to us on wednesday, November 1st.  
You are such a  treat and I speak for the rest of the group,
Hope you will return.  Your  music told us stories 
and your interpretation warmed our hearts.  
Thank you  for sharing your talent with us.  
With Love and Prayers, 

Mary Fico for "Time Out For Women"